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Clergy Letter to the Benefice October 2019

The theme for some of our primary schools has been trust. I went into all 3 of our primary schools and told the story of Abraham and Sarah, who had to wait a long, long time to have a child of their own. I tried to illustrate this by having lots of children up the front holding up their fingers for both Abraham and Sarah’s age, adding to the number as I told the story.

The point was that Abraham and Sarah had to wait 24 years from the time God promised them a son until his birth and how this meant that they had to hold onto that trust for a long time. Time came up at a meeting I was at, we were talking about how so many things take more time than we think. In this age where you can ask a search engine such as google a question and there are thousands of answers in less than a second, we forget that in the real-world things take time and God’s timing can be even slower.

Some of us have waited for a long time for someone to come to know the Lord, so long that we have almost given up. But God never gives up. As we enter a season of waiting and preparation, there are many opportunities to invite friends, neighbours and family to all sort of church events and services. Why not ask God who you can invite along to one of them? It doesn’t matter what it is, we just want them to have a sense of belonging among God’s people because that’s often the first step of knowing that God loves us. God bless. Susan