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Clergy Letter to the Benefice May 2019

Dear friends and neighbours,


It seems to me that loneliness affects many people in our culture today. I guess the reasons are many; busy lives, families moving away, social media can be positive especially for people who can’t get out but on the other hand, someone can have lots of ‘friends’ online but, what does that mean? Nothing can replace time spent with a someone over a cup of coffee talking about what is going on in our lives, local issues and big issues that affect us all.


Many more people live alone now although of course, you can feel lonely whilst in company. That is one of the reasons I am keen to keep the Six Sense magazine going, because it keeps the people that deliver it in touch with households in our villages. However, all of us can do something positive about easing someone’s loneliness by noticing them, passing the time of day with someone, or getting together over a cup of tea if not at home then at one of the various groups that run in most of our villages – check out the local magazines to see.


Jesus often sought out people on the margins, whether the reason was poverty, ill-health or an unpopular job – in New Testament times that was often the local tax collector as many took advantage of their position. St Paul tells us that God shows no partiality, he loves us all the same, and he calls his people to love their neighbours as themselves. So, if you are feeling lonely and you can’t face joining a group or calling in on someone, why not try coming to church and meeting some new people there? If church is not something you normally do, it can be a bit daunting, but we are ok and love to welcome visitors. Hope to see you soon!

God bless,